Monday, August 24, 2009

The Happiest Place in Wal-Mart

Caning funnel and lids-
If you don't have a canning funnel, you've got to get one!
It makes the whole process much faster and less messy.
I got mine as OSH and it fits both small and large mouth jars.

I've noticed something. The canning section in Wal-Mart is the happiest, friendliest place in the store. Maybe in the whole town of Marina!

I drive a few extra miles to the Marina Wal-Mart store to buy my canning supplies. Sure I could by my lids at Safeway, but they were charging $4.69 for a package of 12 little metal lids! Wal-Mart's price: $1.50 for the exact same brand and item. I think I bought 11 packages of lids the other day...that a savings of about $35. Worth a couple of extra miles of driving.

But that's not the only reason I go there. I actually enjoy the canning section of Wal-Mart. They have lots of items to choose from. But most importantly, everytime I go, there seems to be another "canning person" in the aisle. Last time, it was a fisherman who really liked to can his extra sardines and shad. They're "fantastic", he said with a big smile.

Most recently, there was a lady in the canning section who eagerly asked me what I was canning. I said "everything that comes out of my garden"! I told her about the plum jam, strawberry jam and preserves, tomato sauce, beans, and zucchini pickles. She, herself, was wanting to can strawberries. She visited the fair last week and became inspired by all of the preserves entries in the local competition.

Nobody ever talks to me when I'm in the shampoo section or on the toothpaste aisle. It's the canning section that gets people talking and I love it!


Stefaneener said...

I think the times are changing. I used to get baffled questions when I was in a canning department, but now people talk about doing it.

I found the local Smart & Final is the cheapest place for jars, rings, and lids. I felt like I'd stumbled on a secret treasure!

Beegirl said...

I love to buy my canning supplies at our local 'Trader Horn'. They always have a sea of jars, canners etc. Makes me feel so inspired! As for the corn-we blanch the cobs in hot water for 4 min, cool in ice water, then zip it off the cob into freezer bags. Mom and dad did another 11 pounds (corn off-the cob) while I was at work yesterday. Takes us to 21 pounds! Crazy!! I am constantly amazed at the amount of food that comes out of our little garden. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by the "Burbs"!

Teresa said...

You know that is the truth. I am always talked to when i am in a gardening store or gardening section of a store. I think people who garden are just nicer in general than the average shoppers. Enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

So many people complain about Wal-Mart, but they DO have fantastic prices that makes it hard to keep me away! Great deal on your canning stuff!

Alan said...

Hi Jackie,
I think gardeners are just nicer, kinder people! HAHA!!
Canning is a great way to preserve the fruits & veggies from our garden. I enjoy canning green beans & salsa from my garden each year!

Jackie said...

Stefaneener, thanks for the tip and Smart & Final...I'll have to check it out.

Beegirl, your family effort on the corn preserving is amazing!

Teresa & Alan, I agree with you...gardeners are just really nice people in general!

Miss Daisy, you are right that people complain about Wal-Mart, but I think there's two sides to that coin.

Thanks for all your comments!