Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - August 2009

Pink Cosmos

Lily? (it was here when we bought the house)

Feather Grass

Unknown succulent

White Agapanthus

Yellow Marigold with bee friend

Easter Lily (saved from the trash at my church 3 years ago)

Phalaenopsis orchid ($3.82 at a local grower's nursery)

Orchid - Encyclia prismatocarpa

Orchid - Odontoglossum hybrid

Orchid - Lycaste aromatica

Painted lady runner beans

Strawberries (Eversweet)

Artichoke flowers

Zucchini (Italian Romanesco)


Brocade Corn (sunlight shining through the leaves)

Brocade corn (tassel)


I'm thinking about entering Gardening Gone Wild's Photo Contest. Definitely no chance of winning. I just don't want to embarrass myself. So, if you don't mind helping me out, please let me know which of the last two photos you like the best. Thanks!


Wendy said...

Jackie, I LOVE that photo of the artichoke flower! I don't think I've ever seen one. I had no idea. Feel really stupid, but that is just really pretty!!

I like both of the last 2 photos. I'm not sure about the rules of the contest - just skimmed it and it looks like the theme is "on your knees". Just wanted to be sure the photos would fit the theme. The corn is very cool, but I think I personally like the fuschia. I love the color. There's also something slightly disquieting about the corn - almost like it's stabbing me in my right eye. Still very cool though...still definitely cool...just my 2 cents - and what the hell do I know???

Sylvana said...

My favorite of all your photos here was "Brocade corn (tassel)".

Jackie said...

Thanks for your input Wendy and Sylvana! I think I'll go with the corn... I agree with Wendy that it seems like it's about to stab me in the eye, but I kind of think that might be a good thing in a photo. It's engaging, anyway ;)