Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Central Coast Tomato Trials - part 7 - Sungold seed giveaway

Here are some funky "double" tomatoes and one really strange Sungold F2 - the little red one in front.

The Sungold that I chose for a winner in the recent taste test is actually an F2. I've been told that Sungold is a hybrid. My neighbor gave me a seedling last year and I saved seeds. I planted those (F2) seeds this year. I'm growing 2 plants and they have some obvious differences in leaf shape, productivity, fruit size, and fruit color. Sungold (the hybrid) produces loads of nice-sized orange cherry tomatoes with a 'bright' flavor. An example of the "better" Sungold F2 is the orange double in the photo, while the "not-so-good" one is the little red one in front. I plan on saving more seed from the really good one.

If you are interested in seed, please leave me a comment. I'll then email you and ask for a self-addressed, stamped envelope...or maybe a seed exchange.


Autumn Belle said...

Jackie, can I call this a 'co-joined' twin tomato?

Rosey Pollen said...

Hi Jackie,
Strange indeed! I kind of like it when my carrots do funky stuff and other vegetables like pepppers have litte babies inside of them.
I hope they tasted alright.

Jackie said...

Hi Autumn Belle, I think that's a good name for those tomatoes!

Hi Rosey, I agree about the funky looking keeps things interesting. They tasted just like the others, no problem :)

libraryflower said...

I would like to try to grow your sungold variety. I live in a coastal climate.

I've started to read about de-hybridizing and breeding your own variety. It takes some time, and it helps if you get more people to grow your variety and report back the results. I would send you back seeds from the best tomato.