Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2009

Sunflower for the "Great Sunflower Project". The goal of the project to understand the population dynamics of bees throughout North America. Individual people are encouraged to report bee sightings on their sunflowers to scientists who are studying the awesome creatures. Unfortunately, after 2 bee watching periods, I have seen no bees! In spite of this, I don't really think my garden is a "bee desert". In fact, I see lots of bees, but they are just on other plants, like lavender and squash.

The rest of my blooms are on orchids. This is Masdevallia coccinea alba "Snowbird" AM/AOS.

Mormolyca ringens

Masdevallia carruthersiana

Paphiopedilum Asteroid

Masdevallia Machu Picchu ''Crown Point" AM/AOS - 1st prize winner at the local fair.

Maclellanara Pagan Love Song var 'Golden Realm' HCC/AOS
I love the really tall spike...

...and the big, waxy flowers. They look like yellow starfish with black spots.


Michelle said...

Beautiful orchids! I have to confess to being an orchid murderer. I don't buy them for myself any more but every once in awhile one comes my way, poor thing.

Dan said...

I also never seen a honey bee on my great sunflower project blooms. Lots of bumble bees though. Your orchids are so beautiful. I have a few that always bloomed well for me but the last year they have done nothing. I have reported this spring and still nothing. Maybe one of these days they will bloom again.

Mary Delle said...

Your orchids are beautiful. Such variety in the blooms.

Anonymous said...

These are all fantastic and congratulations on the first prize at the fair! Orchids are so beautiful and dainty and elegant. Love your blooms!

Jackie said...

Michelle, sorry to hear you're a "murderer" ;) Especially since your vegetable garden is so amazing!

Dan, you know the #1 reason an orchid won't rebloom is not enough light.

Mary Delle, thanks for visiting!

Miss Daisy, thanks for the compliment!