Saturday, September 12, 2009

Central Coast Tomato Taste Tests 2009 - Lahman Pink

The next tomato up is Lahman Pink.

Seed Catalog Description:
a.k.a. Grace Lahman's Pink. A TomatoFest favorite. One of the most popular tasting tomatoes at the Heirloom Garden Show. Our Tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, big, regular-leaf plants that yield tremendous amounts of 10-12 ounce, blemish-free, smooth, meaty and juicy, pink tomatoes that are richly sweet with a clean slightly acidic finish in the mouth. This tomato bears heavily until frost. Great tomato for slicing fresh or canning whole. Highly recommended as a farmer's market tomato because of the visual appeal and flavor. A good tomato for cooler growing conditions.
Days: 80
Size: Indeterminate.
Color: Pink
Season: Mid-Season
Type: Open Pollinated

Production and Earliness:
My Lahman Pink tomato plant has produced 10 tomatoes so far. The first tomato was ripe on 8/11 - very late, since the first ripe tomato I picked this year was on July 4.

Fruit Size, Color and Shape:
It's red! I don't know why they called the tomato a 'pink'. My picture isn't the greatest, but I promise you, it's red. Lahman Pink has produced 2.96 lbs and the average tomato weighs 4.75 ounces. The shape is very ruffled and quite pretty to look at.

Plant Growth Habit:
A bushy, full plant, but not reaching for the stars.

Meaty, few seeds. Lahman Pink has a creamy texture - nice.

It has classic, good tomato flavor, but there is a heavy, acidic, aftertaste 'kick'. I'm not sure I really like that much acidity, it kinda burns my mouth. Salt enhances the already nice flavor. Most of the flavor is in the walls of the tomato, not as much as in gel. This is quite unusual for tomatoes, as far as I can tell.

Cooking and serving options:
This is a good slicing tomato, but it would also be great for sauce because of it's meaty-ness. The only problem is low production. I'll have to wait to see the total production at the end of the season, but I'm thinking Lahman Pink won't be a stand-out.

Is it a winner?'s got good flavor, but maybe a bit too much acid for me. It's got great creamy texture, cute curves, and lots of "meat" for saucing. If the total production comes out at least average, then I'll probably grow it again.


Michelle said...

It sure looks both meaty and juicy. I wonder if that plant is not producing true to type? That has happened to me a number times. Last year I grew one Aunt Ruby's German Green from seed and ended up with a red tomato. If I hadn't grown a true Aunt Ruby's in the past I might have given up on that variety. This year they are looking true to type. I haven't been able to taste one yet, it's ripening very late. Just a few more days by the look of them now.

Jackie said...

Hmmm...very interesting. I might plant it again next year and see what I get. Thanks Michelle.