Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who needs carats when you've got carrots?

Sorry for the cheesy title. I couldn't resist.

You know, there is nothing better to do on a gray afternoon in January than pull carrots out of the ground. Nope. Nothing better. It's like digging for buried your backyard. That's what I did this weekend. Most of the carrots, which were all planted last fall, turned out medium-sized...a few were tiny and a couple were bi- or trifurcated. But then there was "Big Papa", the fattest one I've ever seen:
0.43 lbs worth of carroty-goodness on the far right

I'm planning to plant a whole lot more carrots next fall, so I can be even more rich next January.


Michelle said...

I'm always amazed when I pull carrots, who would think that such spindly greens (at least in my garden) could be attached to such big fat beautiful roots? It is fun to grow them and even better to eat them. :) You do have some beauties there!

Stefaneener said...

Yes, I'm enjoying carrots so much that I want to plant more, more, more!!! Just need to pull the stuff I'm not enjoying so much.

Jackie said...

Thank, ya'll. I knew you would understand :)