Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bloom Day January 2010

It's orchid time at my house!
Coelogyne tomentosa

Sophrocattleya Fairyland 'Sara'

Epicattley Siam Jade x Fuchs Key Lime AM/AOS

Laeliocattleya Fiesta Days

This last one is an unknown orchid from the Pleurothallis genus. It's one of those plants that "only a mother could love". The flowers are small and obscure. The best part? It smells like fish. I kid you not. That fishy odor was what caused me to look around near the plant and notice that it was actually blooming.

The actual identity of this plant is in question. It was labeled Pleurothallis colyligera, but I cannot find that species in any database. So, it's probably a misspelling, since I can find cotyligera. BUT cotyligera has maroon flowers that emerge from the leaf tips according to the IOSPE picture. A far cry from the yellowish/transparent flowers on my plant. Still a mystery.


Darla said...

Orchids are an area I have yet to tread.

Carol said...

Wonderful orchids Jackie! ;-) Carol