Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainbow Roses

I was in Seattle last week and got a chance to visit the famous Pikes Place Market. There were beautiful bunches of standard tulips for only $7. One could also find exotic (at least to me) tulips, such as the 2 types below:

But the real question is:
Who is buying THESE?

At up to $9.50 a stem, nonetheless!
I just can't understand why someone would want to buy these completely fake (dyed), poor souls. The dye was even dripped all over the leaves. So sad. I felt sorry for these roses, like the way you feel when you see animals up for adoption. They were probably white before someone decided to make them look like artificial roses from the dollar store!

What makes this even more unbelievable is that Seattle is gorgeous this time of year. Neighborhoods, parks, even street medians were dripping with lovely, natural, floral beauty. Here is just one example from the University of WA:


Mr Lee said...

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Tatyana said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks for showing these beautiful tulips and gorgeous pink tree. I love that market! Never seen blue roses before. I guess someone might want to give an unusual gift to a friend who likes jokes...

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Ewww! I don't know about those dyed roses. Yuck.~~Dee

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Love the tree! The dyed roses are unusual - I like mine natural... but I guess they'll appeal to someone. -Jackie

Karen said...

Hey, you came to my town! I totally agree, those roses are major icko. No idea who buys them, especially when as you say the natural beauty surrounding us is so plentiful especially at this time of year! Dyed flowers should be banned!!! Glad you saw the cherries in their glory, it's about my favorite time of year here.