Friday, May 1, 2009

Monsanto - what planet are YOU on?

Do you prefer corn to be a GMO or not?

Have ya'll heard Monsanto's ads on NPR?
"Produce more. Conserve more." Plus, they tell us how Monsanto is committed to sustainable agriculture. Yeah right!

This seems like some desperate attempt to turn their image The round-up fellas are starting to take notice of the organic, simple farming movement. And now they're getting a little bit scared! Here's a quote from their website:

"...Then factor in a pressured water supply, an energy-supply crunch and climate change. How do we surmount these obstacles? Agricultural innovation holds a key solution – and Monsanto pledges to do our part."

I think I'll pass on their brand of "Agricultural innovation".

Here's the wiki on Monsanto, in case you think I'm over top.

By the way, if this is the last you hear from me, you'll know what happened.......


Amanda Mae said...

Stumbled across your blog ... And I agree!! I heard their ad on Marketplace and thought it was a joke "Produce more, conserve more" ... yeah right!

Blue Fox said...

The sad part is, those ads will still suck some people in. Lots of struggling farmers will see it as their salvation, and get stuck into that cycle of using more and more horrible chemicals, for dwindling yield and then poisonous crops. Scary! Even worse, homeowners and those new to the gardening bandwagon will think that's the way it's done, without doing more research. I'm so glad when I moved to the farm I have now that it was clean, no chemicals had ever been used and I could start from scratch. It gives me hope.

Betsyj said...

SERIOUSLY!! I wonder why they picked NPR listeners to brain wash...cuz we make a serious stink about unnatural monopolies...and cuz we watch the documentaries...a desperate attempt to smooth over a bad image. Won't work on this group. Jackie, thanks for bringin it up!!