Sunday, June 6, 2010

Power-napping chicks and a window of opportunity

So the chicks don't really want to hang out with me during the daytime. They don't really mind my presence, but they don't really want me picking them up at that time. I try not to take it personally. Instead, I imagine that it's just more fun for them to be running around outside looking for bugs and discovering all kinds of things. But I've noticed that there is a certain time frame, which I consider to be a window of opportunity, when they are ok with being picked up. And if you have human children, you might be able to guess what time of day I'm talking about. Just before bedtime. Which for chicks is somewhere between 7-9pm, although I hear them wake up at times during the night.

Anyway, when I pick them up in the evening they are usually pretty sweet. It's so cute to see them nod happens so fast! That's what I captured in the video above.

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Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I love power-napping peeps. I remember when ours were at that stage. Upright and alert one minute...beak down and zonked the next! Too cute!