Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flock Dynamics

I never expected flock dynamics to be so important to my hens. It seems that the "flock" is elevated over the "individual" even though my hens are all different breeds and colors. They are also developing at different rates.

Hey, where my sistas at?

My little Brahma is kind of dreamy and often gets left behind the flock as they move about the yard. One day, while searching diligently for that perfect insect, she ended up separated from the flock. The other 4 chicks were on the opposite side of the compost bin. When the Brahma realized she was "lost" she started chirping loudly. After a few seconds, the Barred Rock ran around the compost bin, let out a few quick chirps, and lead the little Brahma back around the compost bin to the rest of the flock. It was a sweet gesture.

It's cute when one chick stops pecking around long enough to look up and realize she's too far from the flock. If she can see them, she always speeds over to join the group. You'll see it happen 3 times in this video:

It kinda makes me wish that humans were a little more "flock oriented".


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm actually starting to wish all our chickens were Brahmas. Not that I don't enjoy the other breeds, but the Brahmas just seem more mellow and relaxed than the others. Your little Brahma is cute...although she won't stay little for long. It's interesting to see her, as mine is a male, and feathering in unfathomably slowly. Yours at least is well dressed :P

Pushing up Daisies said...

Crikey, your chickens are fast! I used to have a bunch of hens when i was a kid, and i'd walk around with my favourite (weirdly named Australia) on my head. They're such lovely, ditzy animals. So jealous of you right now...