Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's not my nature to brag...

...but, my orchids won lots of awards at the show! We had a great Garden Show this year. Here is a picture of the tiniest orchids on display:

And here are some of my winning orchids:

Masdevallia Fraseri

Polystachya ottoniana

Sarcochilus Fitzhart

I really can't believe that I won Best Miniature in the Show:
Masdevallia Winter Blush 'Winter Sunset'

Here's a close up:

I celebrated by buying 4 more plants from the members' sales booth:
Eugongora quinquenervis
Masdevallia barleana
Masdevallia Bella Donna
Stanhopea Love Potion #9 x wardii
(Total cost: only $25)

I sold Degarmoara (Dgma.) Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy', Epicattleya Siam Jade x Fuchs Key Lime AM/AOS, and a division of my Stenoglottis longifolia for about $34 (minus 25% to the society). Plus I traded my large, unknown Pleurothallis for a small Masdevallia Highland Fling.


heather @ what's blooming this week said...

congratulations! it's such a nice feeling when you enter a competition and get recognized for your work. You have every right to brag!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They are very beautiful, especially this last one, Winter Sunset.