Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2009

orchid - Angraceum dideri

orchid - Cymbidium Dancing Mother 'Kotone'

And now moving outside to the vegetable garden, we find this strange creature:

can you guess? it's a humble radish that I'm letting go to seed

a lovely pea that surprised me by seeding itself in a perfect spot

And now on to the ornamentals:

tea tree


a geranium that grows like mad! It's 10 times bigger than it was last September when I planted it!

a close-up of the pink geranium

a sweet little pelargonium that blooms freely for a very long time

another reddish-geranium


marigolds...tomato protectors


islandgardener said...

Great photos, Jackie!

Michelle said...

Oooh your orchids are beautiful. Mine want to go live with you, they are dreadfully neglected. Love that pelargonium too. All the flowers are looking great, good job!

Avis said...

I planted seeds for a marigold exactly like yours, then after I set my seedlings outside it rained and washed away all my identifiers, so I won't know what's what till I get blooms. I know what the leaves look like, but I also planted a couple other things with similar leaves... I hope mine bloom soon and look as great as yours.