Friday, August 6, 2010

What a long, strange, trip it's been

It's been a cold spring and summer. In fact, it's been the coldest July on record and one of the top 3 coldest Junes. But, you don't have to ask the weatherman to find this out. Just look at my garden. I've only picked 3 ripe tomatoes so far. The plants were started from seed in late January and planted out during the first half of April. Four looong months later, on August 3, I picked the first one - a Costoluto Genovese.

This is the first tomato of the year, just a few days before I picked it.

Costoluto Genovese

Japanese Black Trifele

August 3 is a full month later than I got my first ripe tomato last year! (And I even set out my plants about a week earlier this year.) A lot of blossoms aren't setting.

Principe Borghese is good about setting fruit in cold weather. (Way to go! You sweet little Italian heirloom, you!)

On the bright side, the beans are growing well. Especially, the Scarlet Runner beans.

Witness the chicken damage below knee-height :) The girls love their greens.

Plus lots of zucchini (surprise).

And several nice-looking spaghetti squash.

Cucumbers are painfully slow.

I still have some lettuce that's growing pretty well, this is Gentilla (green) and Lollo Rossa (red).
I hate the ugly, chicken-deterrent cages, but at least I'll have lettuce to pick.

Here are the recent additions. Two hardy kiwis: the male is on the left and the female (Ken's Red) is on the right. Also, 2 everbearing red raspberries in the center: Jaclyn (left) and Caroline (right). Jaclyn has buds right now.

I'm proud of myself for actually remembering to put in some flowers:


meemsnyc said...

You're growing kiwis? How cool. It's the hottest summer on record here in NYC. The hottest July since 1999. And hardly no rain! I'll take your cool summer please!

Carol said...

Your garden is so well organized and tiddy! I am sure you would rather have the cooler weather to that of the intense heat so many are experiencing... so many veggies like it cool. I admire your putting chick wire around your greens. You are more dedicated than I. Until I can afford a fence I guess that is a good alternative. Thanks for the inspiration. ;>)

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Oh Jackie, we're right there with you. We have tons of GREEN tomatoes! I just hope these drizzly mornings subside enough soon so we can see them ripen. I'm not holding out much hope for our peppers though.

Gardening with chickens is a challenge isn't it? Your scarlet runner beans look like they've had the same abuse as some of our basil.

I'll be curious to see how your kiwis do. We'd like to run some over an arbor (in the long range plan, yet to be built). The variety we were looking at though apparently can set 200lbs of fruit in a season! Kiwi jam anyone? :P

Jolene said...

MMmm...ur garden is making me hungry...Just curious of what kind of cucumber that is u posted? I have something like that growing and forgot to label it! :) Thanks

Jackie said...

Meemsnyc, sorry to hear it's been so hot for you. We could have a nice temperature, if we could somehow mix your 90s with my 58. Now, that mixture would be just right.

Carol, yes, you are right that so many veggies like it cool. But I planted a "summer" garden...and summer just hasn't shown up so far this year :)

Clare, the Ken's Red variety that I planted is one of those that might produce 200 lbs of fruit some day. That would be amazing!

Jolene, I actually didn't post any cucumber pictures. Cuz they look so pitiful. Which picture are you referring to?