Friday, July 30, 2010

Bella's true idenity...we think...

Black Langshan!

Many thanks to Clare at Curbstone Valley Farm for doing so much research on behalf of my little Bella. She suspected Black Langshan as the correct breed for Bella, and she was right! As I said before, Bella was labeled "Brahma" at the Hacienda Hay and Feed, where I got her. But she never developed the Brahma patterned feathers. Instead, she's all black. "Bella Negra", my husband calls her.

So, I called the Hacienda to find out where they purchased the chicks from = Privett Hatchery in Arizona. Unfortunately, they do not have an online catalog, so I called them and asked for one to be mailed to me. And voila:

That's my Bella!

The catalog description is:

"Hen weight-approx. 6 lbs. Introduced from China in mid-19th Century. All black bird with greenish sheen. Lays medium to dark brown egg. Can be broody. Not an economical eater. Cold hardy. Docile, calm, and graceful."

Black Langshans are known for their height...they can grow quite tall for a chicken. They are described as being graceful and curious. Bella fits this description quite well. She's not so "crazy" like Lucy and doesn't whine for treats like her, either. At the same time, she's is interested in me and what I'm doing. And she loves her treats. She also has an elegant walk and a lovely shape.

BTW, Privett has a nice brochure with pictures of all of their breeds for sale.

I'm saving it as a reference chart. The only way to get one is to call them and request it. In case you would like your own copy, the number is 800.545.3368.


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm glad Bella's identity has been revealed, and I'm happy to help. I love a good mystery! It took us weeks to be convinced of Frodo's identity, it's not always straightforward when they're tiny chicks, and mislabeled! With her tall graceful stature, Bella is going be stunningly beautiful when she's full grown.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Clare. I just noticed that someone picked on Bella. Her little comb showed a spot of dried blood. I hope she's not on the path that poor Frodo has had to travel :)