Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vegetable Gardening Guide for central coast

A local sustainability group, Monterey Green Action, asked me to prepare a vegetable growing guide.

They have created a community garden in downtown Monterey and several new gardeners are starting up in our area. If you would like to download it, it's in the sidebar. I also put a link to my vegetable harvest tally and growing notes for 2010 in the sidebar, if anyone is interested. This spreadsheet is continually (& somewhat obsessively) updated throughout the year. Wow, I've grown over $35 worth of lettuce and over $37 worth of snap peas so far this year! (Yes, it's true. I heart spreadsheets).


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Nice post Jackie. I just picked up the book Golden Gate Gardening recently, in part because I wanted to be sure I really could grow certain veggies at certain times of the year here. Your chart is nice and succinct though!

Terra said...

Thanks for this growing guide. Soon I will buy basil plants, and more tomatoes.
My Seeds of Change Sugar pod 2 Snow Peas are 2 inches tall, plus I planted more of these seeds.
The anticipation is fun isn't it?

Jackie said...

CVF and Terra - Glad you enjoyed the guide! Best wishes in your gardens.